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Mildew Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain

This Fabric shower curtain peerless for admirers who desire water and dirt resistance, the Fabric is a gradual color with a water-resistant rating of 70 degrees. It also features hook-ups for an extra hard water surface and a Fabric that is both water-resistant and breathable.

Shower Curtains Mold Resistant

This gradual color 1 pc shower curtain in Fabric waterproof with hooks for bathroom is exceptional for any bathroom, it extends a comfortable, slowly changing color as it goes up and out of its deeper blue and back to its original blue each time it is pulled up. The gradual color 1 pc shower curtain is manufactured of 100% breathable Fabric and provides a water-resistant hook-and-latch closure, it is available in two sizes - large and small. This Mildew Resistant Fabric shower curtain liner is fabricated of cotton and is a fantastic surrogate for suitors that need to protect their home from the spread of mold, this liner is conjointly peerless for use in a rental or family home. This blue Fabric shower curtain provides that is Mildew resistant, it is conjointly antimicrobial and can resist blue mold and bacteria. This Resistant Fabric shower curtain is a top-notch addition to your bathroom, the white Fabric is slippery to the touch but will not feel heavy or snag in your hair dryer. The cover also renders awater resistant, this means that the curtain will not water damage following any sort of water exposure. The 72 size is exceptional for your space and the light weight also makes it facile to move.