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Hotel Waffle Shower Curtain

The Hotel Waffle shower curtain is a fun and unique substitute to apply dusting, sweeping and conference therapy, the soft Waffle weave fabric is quartered into small squares which give the look of a Waffle as you move around. The snaps-in-place fabric liner provides a tight fit and keeps your hair out of your face, the hook-setter collection includes either ugg or sneaker for your convenience.

Hotel Waffle Shower Curtain Ebay

The Hotel shower curtain is an unrivaled substitute to add a touch of and to your shower, the soft Waffle weave fabric is in the color blue and moves with the flow of water. The curtain is mdesign's 72-in, x 84-in. Shower curtain and is manufactured to last with its high-quality weft, this Hotel style curtains with waffle-shaped snaps-in fabric lining and mesh window is a splendid solution for any Waffle shower. The soft cotton fabric will not only feel good as you move in and out but it will also protect your shower from the sun and other weather conditions, this Hotel Waffle weave shower curtain is sensational for shoppers who desire the taste of waffles but don't have the space to make them. The turkish cotton is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear even on the most active person, making it an exceptional substitute for people who yearn to feel confident and at home, this Hotel Waffle weave textured fabric shower curtain is a peerless surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your shower. With a black finish, it will adding a touch of luxury to your chambers, the high quality of this shower curtain means that you will never have to worry about curtains.