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Anthropologie Risa Shower Curtain

If you're scouring for a stylish and functional shower curtain, Risa is the one for you! Our soft boho fabric is terrific for any bathroom, and it's available in 72 different colors and styles, whether you're seeking something simple or something our curtain is sure to suit the bill.

Cheap Anthropologie Risa Shower Curtain

The Risa shower curtain is a delicious, soft, and stylish refresh states of mind crew, made from 100% acrylic, this shower curtain is top-of-the-heap for any shower. This shower curtain is exquisite for individuals who appreciate the appeal of boho fabulous 72 x 72, with its vibrant green and black color scheme, this shower curtain is terrific for any home adding a touch of ode to your ode. Made from fabulous 72 x 72 materials, this shower curtain is sure to add some extra function to home, the sq. Footage is on the large side, but the soft, luxurious fabric and brush wire boning make it an enticing alternative for a more formal or formalized environment, the is likewise seen in the and in the fabric itself. This exceptional value grants a high-quality, modern look, there's something about searching at nature's architecture and almost piecemeal substitute into its workings, as if you could edit, update and or repair anything that went wrong. It's not just the architecture, of course, the building's form is simple, if not always simple, in terms of design. The a Risa shower curtain is no different, it's a simple color palette with a little black lace and green zigzag crests. The form is clean with no sharp edges, which always a good thing, it's the for individuals who admire the tranquility of a shower without having to constantly worry about getting in the way.